• Her Head Spun
    (Contemporary fiction novel)
    On New Year’s Day, Caitlyn Wing McCarthy wakes up in the Vancouver condo she shares with her Danish-born boyfriend with an expected hangover and an unexpectedly unresponsive leg. As she grapples with worrisome neurological symptoms, dismissive doctors, and pressure to wed from her Hong Kong-based mother, Cait discovers a lifelong companion — but it isn’t her boyfriend!
  • Inner Beast
    (Contemporary romance novel)
    Tattoos come to life, causing love to blossom between a merman and an Egyptian goddess — and the real-world people who bear their images.


  • Margrete the First
    (Historical novel)
    Queen Margrete I (1353-1412) ruled Denmark for 25 years and formally united the crowns of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden for the first time. The few accounts of her life show her as more strategic than her husband, more politically savvy than her heir, and more underestimated than her lesser male counterparts.


  • Researching and pursuing grant opportunities for FND Hope UK
  • Posting about yoga, writing, cooking, and whatever else catches my fancy at, the personal blog I’ve maintained since 2011
  • Facilitating The Literati, a thematic book-ish club bringing people to together to talk about all kinds of literature without required reading
  • Teaching yoga (the lazy kind) and guiding meditations
  • Taking on limited freelance copywriting assignments
  • Perfecting the art of at-home fondue (the secret is slow heat, kirsch, and inventive dippers — soft pretzels FTW!)